"Big fan of Ellen Mosko, Not only is she super down to earth, a Mom and Wife, she has a great sense of humor and knows her stuff. She is easy to listen to. I took the opportunity to attend this past weekend's teacher training/workshop as an intro to Yin Yoga. Yoga for busy people... Yoga for people who are do-ers, who like to move and are accustomed to move- yet we moved very little. She taught us ways to slow the movement and use breathe to provide a little space and distance between situations in our days. I am not giving up the power hot yoga and bike riding although the Yin is a great complement for all especially those with injuries, surgeries etc who still want a practice. I look forward to bringing some of her teachings to my classes. We are here to teach, to learn, to share and repeat. Check out her page here."    Jennifer J., 2017 Yin Yoga YTT

"Hi Ellen - Thank You for the wonderful Yin workshop, I Enjoyed it from start to finish. You made me feel so welcome, your presentation was delivered clearly and effectively.  You are a fantastic communicator, very easy to get us engaged with the information.  I look forward to doing more work with you."  -  Andy., Yin Yoga, 2016/2017

“Ellen, you are truly an amazing teacher. I love learning from you. I have taken all that you have taught me and put it into practice and in teaching. I love teaching restorative and I owe it all to you. Thank you!!!!”  Lisa C, 2015 Restorative YTT

"Mentoring sessions with Ellen were extremely beneficial to me. She is very encouraging with a wealth of knowledge to share.  My confidence as a teacher increased since working with her." - Cole, 2015 - 2017