VIBEWELL: at The Asbury Hotel

October 27th


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Abundant Lotus: Hip Opening Journey and Mythology Workshop

with specific focus on the Psoas, Hips and Hammies

We will practice a variety of hip-opening postures, utilizing both yin and yang styles, to encourage a release of tensions in both muscles and mind. One of the major hip-flexor muscles, the Psoas, is associated with our fight or flight response. Targeting this area to relax and soften will instead stimulate the rest and digest response.

As the hips soften we use the actions for lotus/half lotus posture to encourage the releasing of tensions. Use props and your own awareness to work at your own pace and express the fullness of the pose in your unique style. Throughout, listen to the mythology of Lakshmi whose beauty, wealth and abundant blessings are a gift to all. Enjoy a guided Savasana with drumming to finish your hip journey.


Yin Level 2 at Honor Yoga Princeton 9/7-8 Click here for details