Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Level 1


Level 1: Foundations - Yin Yoga

The first of a 2-part series for both yoga teachers and experienced Yin practitioners, is geared to deepen knowledge of the benefits, structure and subtle body effects of an ongoing still practice.
We work and play hard most of the time and our activities can leave us feeling unsettled, stressed or worn out. Cultivating a yin yoga practice brings balance to the physical body, our nervous system and encourages a mindful attitude. The long-held floor postures connect us to conscious breath work and bring to light the difficulty of staying present to ourselves. Yin postures physically unwind long held tension held throughout both body and mind and free up our creative juices.

Foundation Topics

  • Yin Yoga Theory, History and Yin vs. Yang

  • Yin Yoga Asana

  • Tattvas/Principles of the Yin Practice

  • Tension vs. Compression

  • Anatomy of Yin: Observing Variation

  • Subtle Body Part 1

  • Meridian Theory

  • Applied Breath Practice

  • 4-hours online classes with an assignment

Program Time:  Saturday 1:00pm to 8:00pm Sunday 11:45am - 6:15pm and limited access to 4 hours of online yin classes with written assignment

Investment and Registration:  at Honor Yoga Pennington

This is a Specialty Training and participants will receive a certificate of completion which can be applied as 12 Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for registered Yoga teachers with Yoga Alliance. 

SEptember TBA


Honor Yoga Princeton


The second of a 2-part series, this intensive training, for Yin practitioners and Teachers, is geared to discuss the more internal aspects of a Yin Practice. The basic foundation of the poses will not be covered with the same amount of detail as Level 1.
Yin yoga practice encourages balance in the physical, mental and emotional and realms. The long-held floor postures coax a movement of Chi throughout the body setting the ground for deep relaxation or a meditative state.

Deepening Topics

  • Beyond Anatomy; Subtle Body Part 2

  • Combining the Practice: Yin & Yang

  • Practical Application of the Subtle Body

  • Meridian Theory 2

  • Meridian Pathways, Emotional Connection and Seasonal Practices

  • Sequencing considerations

  • Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and Yin Yoga

  • Mindfulness Practices

Pre-requisite - Level 1: Foundations

About Ellen

Ellen is a YACEP with Yoga Alliance as well as E/RYT-500 through the Himalayan Institute and has been training yoga teachers for a decade.  She currently co-teaches both 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher trainings at Elevate Yoga. She actively mentors teachers on a private basis and in the past has been a part of YogaWorks 500-hour teacher training staff. Ellen has many online yoga videos with www.YogaInternational.com in Alignment-based, Restorative and Yin styles of yoga.  

Yin Yoga Testimonials:  

Big fan of Ellen Mosko. Not only is she super down to earth, a Mom and Wife, she has a great sense of humor and knows her stuff. She is easy to listen to. I took the opportunity to attend this past weekend's teacher training/workshop as an intro to Yin Yoga. Yoga for busy people... Yoga for people who are do-ers, who like to move and are accustomed to move- yet we moved very little. She taught us ways to slow the movement and use breathe to provide a little space and distance between situations in our days. I am not giving up the power hot yoga and bike riding although the Yin is a great complement for all especially those with injuries, surgeries etc who still want a practice. I look forward to bringing some of her teachings to my classes. We are here to teach, to learn, to share and repeat. Check out her page here.    Jennifer J.

Hi Ellen - Thank You for the wonderful Yin workshop, I Enjoyed it from start to finish. You made me feel so welcome, your presentation was delivered clearly and effectively.  You are a fantastic communicator, very easy to get us engaged with the information.  I look forward to doing more work with you.  -  Andy