Welcome and thanks for stopping by.  I am a  regional yoga teacher, an ongoing student and a yoga teacher trainer. I like to talk and read books about yoga almost as much as I like to practice. My yoga story began in a small college in PA. One my friends was a physical education major and during our January session held a course in yoga postures to fulfill a class requirement. At the time, yoga was not as popular as it is today, there were very few studios around and those were usually found only in the major cities on the East Coast, where I grew up. Something stuck during that four-week period of time and having always enjoyed a good stretch during my gymnastic days, I continued to practice occasionally. Time warp forward to 2003… after taking yoga locally for a few years I embarked on my first yoga teacher training with The Freehold Yoga Center in the Sivananda tradition of practice. Admittedly, I was very new to yoga but, the sound of that first OM in our crowded YTT class was so powerful I was certain that I’d found my true path. Of course, I would question that thought many times in the future and most especially a few months down the road when we started to practice teach!!!

A little about me:

  • I always have a book to read in my backpack (okay, it’s usually two.)

  • I rarely participated in the classroom discussions or asked questions during my formative years - I was too shy. My conduct grade was usually a C however, because I spent time having many side conversations!

  • Dogs are a big part of my life. The way a puppy trusts so readily and looks up at you as if you are the best version of yourself, simply melts my heart.

  • After 16+ years and many classroom hours, I have more fun teaching and take myself less seriously than I did in the beginning.

yours in practice,



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