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Abundant Lotus

a hip-opening journey and Lakshmi Mythology

Abundant LOTUS: A hip-opening journey and Lakshmi Mythology Workshop

We will practice a variety of hip-opening postures, utilizing both yin and yang styles, to encourage a release of tensions in both muscles and mind. One of the major hip-flexor muscles, the Psoas, is associated with our fight or flight response. Targeting this area to relax and soften will instead stimulate the rest and digest response.

As the hips continue to soften we'll practice the actions for lotus or half lotus posture. Using the wall, props and your own awareness you'll be encouraged to work at your own pace to express the fullness of the pose in your unique style. Throughout the workshop, we’ll discuss one of the myths of Lakshmi whose beauty, wealth and abundant blessings are a gift to all.

Enjoy a relaxing guided Savasana with Sound Bath to finish your hip journey.

Honor Yoga Princeton Pricing: $35 June 23rd 4:00pm - 6:00pm

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I’m thrilled to be kicking off New Jersey’s largest yoga festival, VibeWell Honors co-teaching with well-known master teacher Cathy Madeo. We will offer you our signature Master Class Dynamic Opposites: Freedom to Flight where we pair Yin postures with their Yang counterparts to discover the benefit of practicing each style. ☯️

During the day @vibewellhonors offers panel discussions 🤔, Acro Partner Yoga and more... to bring you the best in yoga, mediation and wellness. Bring your kids along because there will be plenty for them to do too!  TICKETS HERE

Early bird pricing ends soon Get yours HERE and all proceeds benefits The Honor Yoga Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit that supports well-being in communities by providing yoga-related programs to under-represented populations. Link to learn more and get 🎟 tickets HERE.

Come enjoy the day with us!!! • 🌟VibeWell Honor Yoga Festival May 11, 8-6pm at Mercer County Park Festival Grounds