Yin Yoga and Sound Bath


Saturday October 20th

5:30 - 7:00PM

Join me for this special candlelit class practicing long held Yin postures and listening to the various sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls during a guided Savasana. Yin Yoga affords the quiet time for introspection, contemplation and releasing. Come and enjoy settling into calmness during this still practice. Sign up online at Lovelight on Main $18


Yin Yoga and

Enchanting Goddess Myths

A Restorative Yin Practice of Stillness

Saturday, November 3rd 1-6 at Elevate $100 

Yoga and Oils - with Ellen and Marissa



Dynamic Opposites: Freedom to Flight

Saturday, December 8, 2018

2:00pm – 4:00pm

Honor Yoga Princeton (map)

This two-hour workshop is designed to take your hips into freedom and then flight. Starting with an hour of Yin Yoga, with well-known Yin teacher Ellen Mosko followed by an hour of a Master Class with Cathy Madeo you'll explore how bringing more passive opening to your body can offer you the freedom you need to actively engage. The workshop will focus on the hips. By using two dynamic but opposite ways to engage, you'll find how you can harness stillness into dynamic movement.

Investment: $35 | Register here

Art of Assisting

Have you ever wanted to practice your skill at yoga assists with other teachers? Need some feedback in a safe nurturing environment?  Not sure about how to work with a student and keep the rest of your class flowing?

Join me as we explore the fine Art of Assisting. Throughout the day you’ll work with a variety of partners as we dive into assists for some of the most frequently taught yoga postures. During our time expect to be moving, note taking and fine-tuning your skillset including the following:

·     Observation: The overall view

·     The Tadasana Template

·     Types of Touch: Pressure Awareness

·     Approaching a Student

·     When not to Adjust

·     Candid Discussion about Assisting in group class

·     And more

Lastly, we will consider the set-up and alignment for Savasana, an often-overlooked posture, as well as practice an assist suitable for a private or small group sessions where you would have more time to spend with one person.



Nurture YOur Body, Soften your soles

at Lovelight on Main