Yin Yoga and Sound Bath 

Date TBA... 

at Lovelight on Main

A Yin Yoga and Sound Bath workshop sequenced to melt stress and unwind the week as we create space in the body and a quiet calm in the mind. 

Typically, a Yin yoga session addresses contraction held in the connective tissues of the body by using long-held floor postures and breath to rest the nervous system and increase the body’s natural ability to relax. The unique experience draws you inward to release layers of tension held in the physical and subtle body. 

During the session experience a vibrational Sound Bath including crystal and brass singing bowls, steel drums, and other resonant instruments while you gently surrender into floor postures held for 3-5 minutes. Please join me to experience the healing and recuperative benefits of deep listening, long yin style yoga and promote a feeling of ease designed to soothe your soul.
All levels are welcome.

Register at:  Lovelight on Main